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Leadership La Plata


Article I – The Organization

The name of this organization shall be Leadership La Plata, a program of the Durango Chamber of Commerce.

MISSION:  To establish a cadre of leaders who are committed to developing leadership skills, broadening knowledge of La Plata County, and representing strength in diversity.

The Leadership La Plata Steering Committee shall be the policy making body. It shall be responsible for managing and administering the current class program, directing the program of activities for the members of Leadership La Plata, and raising funds to meet the needs of the annual budget.

Operating policy shall be within the general guidelines established by the Durango Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  Every effort shall be made to have the make up of the Steering Committee relative to the constituents of La Plata County.

Article II – Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall be the governing board of Leadership La Plata.

The officers shall consist of a chair and chair elect, chosen from and by the Steering Committee and who have demonstrated leadership through participation in leadership roles in the community.  A secretary and treasurer shall be selected annually by the chair to record the minutes of Steering Committee meetings and maintain an on-going accurate financial report, respectively.

The Steering Committee shall be appointed by the chair.

Consideration should be given to having representation on the committee from a variety of former Leadership La Plata classes, therefore encouraging new members of the committee each year

The Steering Committee chair shall have the authority to appoint sub-committees.  The chair of each sub-committee will sit on the Steering Committee. 

The Steering Committee shall review annually scholarship requests and award dollars from the alumni funds as deemed appropriate.

The Durango Chamber of Commerce will administer staff responsibilities.



Article III –Sub-Committees


Each sub-committee shall strive for diversity and new membership each year. The membership of each sub-committee shall be selected by its chair and approved by the Steering chair. 

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee shall include five members. They shall be responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing men and women representative of La Plata County to participate in the current class program.

The Selection Committee will make recommendations to the Steering Committee for final class selection approval.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall monitor and provide assistance to session facilitators in the planning, development, and presentation of their assigned topics. A member of the Diversity Committee shall sit on the Curriculum Committee. The chair shall appoint a retreat coordinator who will plan the fall weekend new class retreat and report budget and progress details to the chair.   The specific goals of the Curriculum Committee are:


  • To provide a quality learning experience in a comfortable environment;
  • To ensure each class topic includes discussion of relevant La Plata County issues;
  • To promote interaction/discussion among class members and session participants;
  • To engage speakers and presenters who are knowledgeable and credible on the session topic and who have demonstrated, in their own way, leadership or leadership potential and commitment to La Plata County;
  • To promote an understanding of the decision making process by individuals in leadership roles;
  • To encourage participation by class members in community issues.


Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee will actively promote Leadership La Plata to potential class members, soliciting recruits and nurturing them as they proceed to and through the selection process.  Every effort will be made to recruit residents of La Plata County, including but not limited to, socially, culturally, geographically, racially, and organizationally diverse individuals.


Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee shall help maintain the network, communication, and connection between current classes and alumni and provide a vehicle for continued and expanded public relations for the Leadership La Plata program.  The committee will also oversee the alumni funds designated in a separate line item in the Durango Chamber of Commerce budget.  Funds will be utilized for class scholarships, web site costs, and any other activity as deemed appropriate by the committee and Steering. 

The Alumni Committee chair shall review annually scholarship requests and award dollars from the alumni funds as deemed appropriate.


LLP 2.0 Committee

The LLP 2.0 Committee shall be responsible for organizing and promoting workshops and other events that support continuing leadership development and networking among Leadership La Plata alumni.


Diversity Committee


The Diversity Committee will assist with the task of recruiting Leadership La Plata applicants who represent the diversity of La Plata County residents. The Diversity Committee also will interface with the Curriculum Committee and provide consultation for the class retreat and integration of diversity materials into the monthly classes. The committee will develop recommendations concerning Leadership La Plata class curricula, which address the issues of diversity, such as bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, and racism in La Plata County. The Diversity Committee may have other members including Steering Committee members and outside consultants if an expertise in a particular area is needed.


Diversity Committee Policy


Graduation Committee


The Graduation Committee shall be responsible for arranging the graduation ceremony and providing the diplomas, invitations, food, speaker, and location.  The Graduation Committee chair shall report budget and progress details to the Steering Committee. 


Barbara Conrad Award Committee

The Barbara Conrad Award Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations for the leadership award and selecting the recipient each year.  The committee will be chaired by the immediate past Steering chair, who will also sit on the Steering Committee. Past Barbara Conrad Award recipients will populate the committee.


Article IV – Current Class Program

The following represent the guidelines for operating the program for the current class:



The purpose of the organization shall be carried out by conducting sessions on matters of broad and continuing interest.

These sessions will be conducted monthly, beginning in September of each year and shall conclude at the May session.

Details and agendas of meetings are to be developed and recommended by the Curriculum Committee.

Free interchange discussion by speakers and participants is strongly encouraged.

Each applicant shall indicate: a) the commitment to participate in the Leadership La Plata sessions in the first year and co-facilitate a class session in the second year; b) company/organizational approval of participation, when applicable; and c) the ability to pay the required tuition.


Participants in the current class are expected to attend all scheduled meetings of the program.

Participants may request an excused absence in extreme circumstances.

Two unexcused absences for any reason shall be considered adequate cause to be dropped from the Leadership La Plata program.


Costs of the program are to be analyzed by the Steering Committee and a budget prepared for each program year.

Program funds of Leadership La Plata shall be kept in a separate line item in the Durango Chamber’s budget.

Alumni funds of Leadership La Plata shall be kept in a separate line item in the Durango Chamber’s budget.


Personnel for administration and clerical services of Leadership La Plata will be provided by the Chamber in addition to program funding.

Tuition fees shall be set annually by the Steering Committee.

There shall be no refunds after the program begins.

No individual, officer, committee member or participant shall create a debt or obligation against Leadership La Plata without it being authorized by the Steering Committee within the budget guidelines approved by the Chamber.

Limitation of Directors Liability:

The limitation of a director to the Leadership La Plata program for monetary damages is limited to the full extent provided by Colorado law.

Certificate of Completion:

An appropriate certificate of completion shall be furnished to each participant who satisfactorily completes the Leadership La Plata program as determined by the Steering Committee.

Amendments to By-Laws:

These by-laws may be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Steering Committee with approval of the executive director of the Durango Chamber of Commerce


Updated 4/12/16


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