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"There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living" - Nelson Mandela

The Structure

Leadership La Plata is a program of the Durango Chamber of Commerce, and operates at the pleasure of its board of directors.

The “business” of LLP is overseen by the Steering Committee, a body averaging 15 members representative of a variety of classes.  This is a working board, with each member overseeing the various aspects of the LLP program throughout the year. Steering is responsible for LLP’s fiscal health and fundraising, as well as policy development and enforcement.

Currently, Charley Kier serves as the steering chair, Sidney Zink as treasurer and Janae Hunderman as secretary. 

LLP classes are facilitated each year by members of the previous year’s class. To ensure consistency, help in coordination and offer ideas, the Curriculum Committee works with the coordinators on each class. A system of planning, progress and report meetings keeps everyone on track. 

A member of the Curriculum Committee attends each session to monitor participation and the effectiveness of the class. Evaluations are done on each class and logged for use by future coordinators.

The LLP Selection Committee select 18 candidates from a highly qualified field of dynamic individuals.

Additional committees taking on the various responsibilities of keeping this volunteer-led organization operating are Diversity, Recruitment, Retreat, Marketing, Leadership, Alumni, Graduation and the Barbara Conrad Award.

Interested in serving on an LLP committee?  Email and please provide your name, class year, contact information and the committee on which you’d like to participate.


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